Norm according to art.13 of Italian Law Decrees 196/03
Norms on personal data protection)

Your personal data will be processed in compliance with the legislation regarding the follow through of orders, the supply of services that include registration and for other purposes as indicated in this information note; the processing will be performed correctly, legally and clearly and in observance of your privacy.

Data processing includes manual, computer and electronic data transmission ( via telefax, telephone, also without the operator assistance, electronic mail, SMS and other communication and automated data transmission systems) and they are so used in order to ensure security and observance of the privacy of confidential information.

The person in charge of processing is MAGNAFLOW SRL – Guidonia (RM). The person responsible for the data processing according to art.29 D.Lgs.196/03 can be contacted at the following email address

The person involved has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of his/her personal data, even if they are not registered yet, and their transmission in an intelligible fashion.

The person involved has the right to obtain confirmation regarding

  1. the origin of the personal records;
  2. processing scope and ways;
  3. the logic applied in the case of processing with electronic systems;
  4. the identification data of the person in charge, the personnel involved and the authorized representatives according to art. 5, paragraph 2;
  5. individuals or categories of individuals to whom said personal data can be transmitted to or who get to know such data due to their position of authorized representatives of a territory in the State, or personnel in charge or authorized individuals in general.

The person involved has the right to obtain:

  1. Update, correction or eventually the addition of new records;
  2. elimination, change to become anonymous, blocking off of the data processed due to law infringement, including those data which are not essential to keep for the aims for which they were first collected or processed;
  3. a declaration that all operations carried out at point a) and b) were made known also as far as their content to those whose data were released to or who received them, except in the case where it wouldn’t be reasonably possible or when this would require an amount of efforts unequal to the safeguarded right.

Has the person involved the right to oppose in full or in part to:

  1. the processing, for legitimate reasons, of personal records even if related to the aim for which they were first released;
  2. the processing of the personal records made to send advertising material or for direct selling, marketing or market research purposes.

You can put forward your rights as indicated above and ask any information regarding our policy for safeguarding personal records, by sending a message to

Should you not fill all fields marked as obligatory the performance of an eventual order will result impossible; it will not be so in the event you should not fill in all the other fields.

Following your consent, Magnaflow srl can process your records to perform services for which a registration is required as well for commercial scopes such as the indication of offers, promotions or marketing initiatives of any kind arising from it or from other operators. In these cases it is not mandatory to send any data and this will not affect any conclusion or performance of potential orders.


Having read the information note on personal data policy, I agree that Magnaflow srl use my data for:

  1. the conclusion, performance and any business in connection with orders made by me;
  2. the supply of services requiring registration (for instance after sale service, product updates, etc…);
  3. marketing aims such as the indications of offers, promotions or marketing campaigns of any kind arised by them or other operators;


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